A Letter to the East Anglian Daily Times - Labour Welcome Debate




It's disappointing to see Robert Lindsay misrepresent Ed Miliband's position on the 'Leader Debates' to be televised for May's general election (EADT, 21st Jan.) The Labour leader has made it clear he'll debate with whoever is put up to debate him.  And don't take my word for it - check Hansard for 14th January.


Indeed, Ed Miliband offered to debate all the minor parties - including Robert Lindsay's Greens - on line, whether or not the Prime Minister refused to take part. To say Miliband has ever fought shy of tackling the Greens, especially when votes for them increase the likelihood of so many Tories and Lib-Dems in the present Coalition keeping their seats in Parliament, is ludicrous. 


Kind regards



Jane Basham

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate

South Suffolk


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