A Message from the South Suffolk CLP Executive


A message from the executive committee of the South Suffolk CLP.

Jeremy Corbyn has now been confirmed as the Leader of the Labour Party and will almost certainly be our leader at the next General Election.


''We have much more in common than that which divides us.”


 We must now go forward together and unite behind Jeremy. A party that continually looks inwards and fights itself will not get elected whatever its policies.


If we do not present a united front it will not be the different factions of the Labour Party that will lose it will be the people who have their benefits sanctioned who will suffer, it will be those trying to get an adequate roof over their heads that will suffer and it will be the people who are desperately trying to get adequate social care for their loved ones who will suffer.

We are targeted to get two County Councillors elected in May 2017. The campaign in Hadleigh has shown us that with a good local candidate and an energetic campaign we can achieve.

So talk to your neighbours and work colleagues about Labour.

Meet up with members in your area.

Deliver leaflets in your street

Attend workshops and gatherings.

We are now the largest political party in Europe.

We can achieve 

We must achieve.

United we will achieve.
(South Suffolk CLP Executive,)



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