Cuts to Community Transport

Suffolk County Council is inflicting unwelcome changes on community transport  across the county.  It's cutting in half the funding it gives to help and also insisting voluntary services turn into commercial businesses. 

This decision was made by Cabinet members without consulting existing transport users, including disability groups, or listening to the concerns raised by transport providers themselves.

These changes will put vital services at risk. Community transport provides access to hospitals, doctors and social events. For those without access to private transport it helps with everything from shopping to family visits.  Without this vital link, many elderly people in our community will be isolated. The current cost of using community transport - about a third of the price of a taxi - will go up to cover the loss of council subsidy.  And if volunteers don't make the profits the County Council demands, then they'll be shut down. 

Everything the County Council touches seems to turn out disastrously for local people. They sold-off elderly care services and a crisis in funding and provision has followed. When will Conservatives realise that the savings they boast about are neither smart nor innovative? 

Please join me - contact South Suffolk Labour Party and get involved to stop the cuts.

Luke Cresswell

Sudbury town councillor and South Suffolk CLP Chair

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