Euro Labourdoorstep

Many of you, who vote by post, will have received your postal voting packs. We are out on the doorstep regularly delivering leaflets about the Euro elections as well as other, local, elections which will be held on the same day. We are meeting people on a regular basis who have not seen a candidate for many years. At the weekend we heard that someone had not been canvassed in all the years that she had lived there, since 1959. We do not have the money to send our leaflets by post, we rely on our volunteers who give up their time every weekend, some of whom have full time, demanding jobs.

If you can help, then please get in touch, we would be pleased to meet up and talk about what needs doing between now and the 22nd of May...and between now and May 2015. 

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.