Jane Basham Gives Her Views On Care Homes Fiasco

After reading Edmund Crosthwaites article 29 September 'Care UK home open
for just 2 months had enforcement action against it after a damning Care
Quality Commission report' I wonder when local county councillors will start
to step up and take their responsibilities seriously.

Their decision to sell-off Suffolk's care home services to Care UK has been
a disaster. First they closed much loved Angel Court in Hadleigh without
consultation, with the loss of local jobs and access to local care for local
families - and not a peep from local elected representatives. 

Now, a home in Mildenhall has been found out, neglecting those in it's care
just six weeks after opening.  Vulnerable older people were left hungry,
thirsty, ignored and in soiled bedding as a result of what Care UK calls
'teething problems".  Seriously.

Meantime, it's website claims - "All the teams at the home are passionate
about delivering quality care that's as individual as each resident."  Fine
words, but on some shifts there weren't sufficient staff to be called a

Care UK is an anti-union privateer with a national reputation for cutting
the wages of care staff - new and experienced alike. It bids for contracts
on precisely that basis - squeezing those who do the difficult and demanding
frontline work.  Conservative councillors are content to sit back and
applaud this - congratulating themselves, no doubt, on making savings.

Many people know that Suffolk County Council is fully signed-up to scrapping
public services wherever possible.  Fewer probably realise that the head of
Care UK bankrolled Conservative former Health Minister, Andrew Lansley's
private office, and it's now structured by its private-equity owners to
enable long-term dodging of UK corporation tax.  

So, Suffolk care workers are being ripped-off, alongside Suffolk taxpayers
and HM Treasury by Care UK's abysmal failures to care for our vulnerable
older people.  Suffolk County Council has been taken for a ride. 

It's time to recognise this and call a halt. I have to ask however, are they
up to it?

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