Jane Basham Attacks Suffolk Police Cuts


These proposals are not re-modelling or re-design of police services, nor even the tough decisions they're claimed to be.


Losing over 100 police staff means even less public visibility, worse service and more hard-pressed officers, staff and volunteers. The truly tough decision for Tim Passmorewould be to defend Suffolk people against the effects of his government's policies.  But he's happy to fall in line with whatever damage they do to those he's elected to represent. 


While criminals seek to get away with as much as they can, the Police and Crime Commissioner wants our police force doing as little as he can get away with.


Violent crime is on the up. Much internet crime goes unreported and untouched.  Historic sexual abuse cases so far exposed are likely to be just the tip of the iceberg. 


Proper police involvement, even in making our roads safer, is now being withdrawn. Until lives are lost or damaged, speed limits will go largely unenforced, drivers compliance with road traffic law will be optional.  Any prospect of reducing traffic speeds has disappeared over a distant horizon. 


Neighbourhood policing teams– a progressive policing initiative remain in name only. The reality is that officers and staff in these teams are increasingly dealing with 999 emergencies, traffic and detective work – because of cuts in other areas.

The reaction from Tim Passmore is perpetual retreat from his responsibilities. This is not about claiming efficiencies or reducing waste, it's about leaving people - often vulnerable victims - to fend for themselves.  The idea of policing that's responsive to community needs and influence is being thrown out and so-called 'localism' ditched. Rural towns and villages will no doubt be the hardest hit. 

These cuts are not inevitable. We can:

• Axe PCC’s. This Coalition government spent £80m on the original elections and it will cost £50m to hold the next elections. It cost £3.7m to hold the by-election in the West Midlands just a few weeks ago- only 10% of people voted. This money could go back into policing and stop these cuts. PCC’s wield so much power as individuals and they are truly unaccountable other than at elections. You only have to look at Rotherham where it was found there was no mechanism to hold the PCC to account. 
• We can forge forward with the National Procurement Plan
• Stop the £17million subsidy of gun licence

Jane Basham Labours Parliamentary Candidate South Suffolk

Jane ran to be Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012. Jane has worked in a Senior Management role within Suffolk Police. Jane also ran a civil rights charity and worked closely with the police on inequalities in Stop and Search and on police complaints.


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