Letter to Suffolk Free Press - Why I'm Against Fox Hunting




You don't need to be a vegetarian or animal lover like me to spot the flaws in James Buckle's  claim that the hunting ban is 'ridiculous' (Ian Parker, Suffolk Free Press, Thursday January 1st 2015 ‘Hundreds flock to watch hunt on Boxing Day’). Still popular - backed by the majority of British people - the ban reflects our respect for wildlife and rejection of cruelty.


The law is not grey as Mr Buckle suggests. Hunting a mammal with dogs and chasing hares, foxes or mink with them is illegal. To the end of 2013 there had been over 300 convictions and, sadly, action to enforce the law continues to be necessary. 


Evidence to support his claim that foxes are not 'saved' by the ban is hard to come by. Viewed as a pest, foxes continue to be killed, but more humanely for reasons other than sporting entertainment.  If Mr Buckle has evidence of the ban being flouted, he can do the public a service and report it.  Police Commissioner, Tim Passmore, regrets that police resources are tied up by the ban, so any assistance given would no doubt be appreciated.



Jane Basham

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate

South Suffolk


Mobile:            07811 064522

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