Press Release - Court Estate Consultation

The planned closure of courts in Bury St Edmunds will mean greater injustice affecting local people according to South Suffolk Labour Party.

In a detailed response to government consultation, local civil rights campaigner Jane Basham has spelt out the likely impact of court closure. She also encouraged local Conservatives and Police Commissioner, Tim Passmore, and welcomed them prioritising the vital issue of reduced access to justice for those they represent. 

Bury St Edmunds and Lowestoft are amongst the 91 courts that the Ministry of Justice proposes to close. It would leave Suffolk with just one Magistrates court in Ipswich.

 Jane Basham commented

"Added to cuts to legal aid and the imposition of court charges, closing Bury St Edmunds will make it much more difficult, time-consuming and expensive for many people to attend court. That not only affects witnesses, but also victims of crime, especially those who need to rely on public transport.

Once again, those who didn't cause the crisis are expected to pay, through austerity, the price of the bankers' excesses. It's ironic that in a year when we celebrate 700 years since Magna Carta, rights of access to justice are now being eroded.

It also presents a crucial test for local MPs and Police Commissioner Tim Passmore. Do their welcome words of objection count for anything or will they be ignored just like everyone else?"

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