The Challenge of May 2015 for Jane Basham - Building Trust

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The Challenge of May 2015 - building trust

Just when they are most needed to make a real difference to people's lives, trust in politicians is at an all-time low. If public confidence in our representatives is to be rebuilt, those seeking election should be judged by their actions. I expect nothing less for myself.

That's why I undertake that:-
• I will only have one job and will work full-time for South Suffolk as it's Member of Parliament.
• I won't have a second home and will commute to Westminster from Hadleigh.
• I will never travel First Class and I will buy an annual Railcard from my salary for travel to work.
• I will never employ anyone from my own family.
• All expenses I claim will be published monthly and provided to the press.
• I will hold weekly surgeries across South Suffolk that people can easily get to.

Where I stand...
Being an MP, trusted to represent local people, should be a privilege not a job reserved for those already privileged. My life experience means I am someone who is genuinely in touch with people and there are some basic values I will bring to the job as MP.
• I'm state-educated, so were my children. I want exceptional education for all, regardless of background or parents'/carers ability to pay.
• I've spent my working life in real jobs - with experience on the shop floor in retailing to senior management in public services and the voluntary sector.
• I'm proud to have been born in Britain's NHS. I want it restored as a public service, not handed to so-called corporate 'partners' to make money from.
• The differences we have as people and communities make our society richer. I will challenge racist, sexist and other divisive views and assumptions, whenever they arise.
• I believe young people should be able to vote at 16.
• I'm vegetarian and I support animal rights and welfare. I recognise that unless we look after the natural world and our environment, properly researching and investing in renewable options, it will come back to bite us.

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