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Sudbury and Great Cornard  Labour Party has selected Jack Owen,  Luke Cresswell and Sarah Page as their candidates for the County Council elections to be held on 4th May 2017. The theme of the campaign will be ‘Care, not Cuts’ as the Tory administration look to further savage the services people in Sudbury rely on.

Local campaigner and activist Luke Cresswell will challenge for the seat of Sudbury East and Waldingfield. He was elected on to Sudbury Town council in 2015 and led the fight against cuts to the Sudbury fire station. Luke has promised to do what he can to get a fully manned fire station returned to Sudbury.

Mr Cresswell said; “There have been a number of fires recently that have cause untold damage and disruption to the town. A fully manned station does not just mean quicker response times, but it means that trained fire fighters can offer preventative services that mean fewer fires in the future and few fires means less disruption, less damage and ultimately fewer lives lost.

“This short-term approach is typical of Tories who know the cost of everything, but the value of nothing. Cutting fire services has directly impacted the people of Sudbury, but the Conservatives do not understand this and do not care. It is time for a change in our town.”

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